Category: Games (Action, Arcade)
Updated: Apr 27, 2011
Current Version: 1.0.1
Language: English
Seller: Glass Puppy Inc. Rated 4+


The excitement of Missile Command®... The elegant simplicity of Breakout®... Combine the best elements from two of the most beloved video games of the classic Arcade Era, add a 21st century twist, and you've got BloomDots, the thrilling new game from Glass Puppy Inc! When you play BloomDots, your reflexes, hand-eye coordination and even your I.Q. will be put to the test. You will have to plan ahead, tracking the wild trajectories of a screen full of random flying dots. Pick your best moment to strike for maximum effect... and for the High Score!

BloomDots is an elegant, addictive, non-stop action challenge that will have you and your friends trying to beat the clock... and each other's High Scores!

Download BloomDots today! Once you get started, you won't be able to put it down!

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Glass Puppy Inc. is an independent developer and marketer of original content for every major computing and mobile platform. The product lines range from games and utility applications, to children’s educational & interactive programs. A dedicated team of IT professionals combines great creativity with unparalleled technical expertise. The company focuses on creating fun, exciting and engaging apps that entertain, inform and inspire at the same time, while bringing unique, amazing products to the marketplace.