Category: Education
Updated: Dec 08, 2011
Current Version: 1.1
Language: English
Seller: Glass Puppy Inc. Rated 4+


Unlock the Book of Learning with Magic Keyhole, a new series of interactive teaching books by Glass Puppy Inc.
Magic Keyhole – WORLD is the first in a new software series introducing young learners to a variety of places, animals and people from 10 unique environments across the globe. With its intuitive navigation and engaging, straightforward design, Magic Keyhole – WORLD develops and exercises important skills such as information retention, reading comprehension, basic geography and zoology. Your child will enjoy the many hours’ worth of interactivity built into Magic Keyhole – WORLD, the fun and colorful learning app that lets young learners explore our planet from the comfort of home!

Features :
  • An educational and entertaining look at 10 unique habitats from around the world.
  • Each scene features original rhyming verse to make learning easier.
  • Informative narration delivers quality information, expands vocabulary and enhances reading comprehension.
  • Interactive text is tied in to the screen images, allowing children to focus on words they don't recognize or understand.
  • Draggable scene elements allow young learners to exercise their imaginations and modify the scenes to their liking.
  • Virtually every person, animal, object or landmark in this app features original animation and sound effects.
  • Custom music and ambient soundscapes compliment each scene.
  • Custom menus allow for multiple reading modes.
  • Navigation features allow full control over content presentation.
  • Kid tested and approved!
  • There are surprises hidden throughout the app – one in each scene – encouraging your child to explore.

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Glass Puppy Inc. is an independent developer and marketer of original content for every major computing and mobile platform. The product lines range from games and utility applications, to children’s educational & interactive programs. A dedicated team of IT professionals combines great creativity with unparalleled technical expertise. The company focuses on creating fun, exciting and engaging apps that entertain, inform and inspire at the same time, while bringing unique, amazing products to the marketplace.